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Setting the Record Queer

Welcome to Setting the Record Queer, a podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities. In each episode, hosts Kaylee and Alexis talk to a guest about their unique hobby or pursuit.

New episodes are released on the last Tuesday of every month!

Our podcast art was created by qbtic. Our theme music was composed by ThrillMe Music. You can find Kaylee on twitch and twitter and Alexis on twitch, twitter, and discord.

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Mar 12, 2019

Master of electronic mail and the three principles of internet satire, Quinn Brown is a freelancer for The Hard Times, a punk-themed satire magazine. In episode 14, we talk to him about the world of freelancing, how to write effective satire, and the differences and similarities in the tastes of gasoline and batteries.

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