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Setting the Record Queer

Welcome to Setting the Record Queer, a podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities. In each episode, hosts Kaylee and Alexis talk to a guest about their unique hobby or pursuit.

New episodes are released on the last Tuesday of every month!

Our podcast art was created by qbtic. Our theme music was composed by ThrillMe Music. You can find Kaylee on twitch and twitter and Alexis on twitch, twitter, and discord.

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You can interact with the podcast hosts and production team, some podcast guests, and other STRQ fans in the STRQ Discord!

Feb 11, 2020

Flash forward to the dystopian future by flashing back to the... Normal-topian? 80s! In this episode, we talk to Jess, From Online, about synthwave, a style of music that is a love letter to cyberpunk and 1980s neon-lit cinema.

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Feb 4, 2020

Time to put your enjoying things hat on! In this Taking the Minutes, Kaylee talks about NBC's The Good Place, a TV show dear to her heart that recently officially finished. Learn what makes the good show The Good Place so... Good!

Taking the Minutes is a special monthly episode series in which the podcast hosts discuss...

Jan 28, 2020

This episode features Luma Lilac, curator of The Webcomic Library, an online collection featuring over 1300 webcomics, each one with carefully added tags, authorship links, content warnings, previews, and more. Learn how this multimedia library grew over the years from a personal to-read spreadsheet to the sprawling...

Jan 14, 2020

In this episode, we bring on Neongrey to explore everyone's favorite three-letter words: Cats and MUDs. Learn all there is to know about multi-user dungeons, a form of online, text-based video game, and what place such a game has in a modern gaming world. And collect cats along the way!

Find out more about, and play,...

Jan 7, 2020

In this super-special double-host crossover episode, hosts Kaylee and Alexis discuss their newfound love for Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo's recently-released long-term exercise plan in video game form.

Taking the Minutes is a special monthly episode series in which the podcast hosts discuss things they care about, made...