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Setting the Record Queer

Welcome to Setting the Record Queer, a podcast where queer people talk about the pursuits, crafts, and hobbies they love and what it means to be queer in those communities. In each episode, hosts Kaylee and Alexis talk to a guest about their unique hobby or pursuit.

New episodes are released on the last Tuesday of every month!

Our podcast art was created by qbtic. Our theme music was composed by ThrillMe Music. You can find Kaylee on twitch and twitter and Alexis on twitch, twitter, and discord.

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You can interact with the podcast hosts and production team, some podcast guests, and other STRQ fans in the STRQ Discord!

Aug 13, 2019

Alexis and Kaylee got married this weekend, so there was no time to record a full episode. In this minisode, we look back on STRQ's first year as a podcast.

Aug 6, 2019

In this Taking the Minutes, Kaylee discusses one of the most important realities of any pursuit or community: Failure. Through learning about Kaylee's experiences with failure, learn how to embrace and grow from your own.

Taking the Minutes is a special monthly episode series in which the podcast hosts discuss things...

Jul 30, 2019

Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz joins us to talk about being queer as a rabbi. We talk about rabbinical duties, leading sermons, and Jewish science fiction and fantasy.


Find Rabbi Guervitz on Twitter: @RabbiGurevitz


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Jul 17, 2019

Sophie and Kerfuffle, Dungeon Master and player on the podcast Dungeons and Queers, join us to talk about their actual play podcast. They discuss the making of the episodes, the inspiration behind it, and DMing campaigns.

Find DAQ on Twitter:
Find Sophie's Twitter:

Jul 9, 2019

In this very first Taking the Minutes episode, Alexis discusses her most recent favorite hobby: Virtual photography! Learn all the tips and tricks for best capturing your catgirl MMO characters in action. 

Taking the Minutes is a special monthly episode series in which the podcast hosts discuss things they care about,...